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To expedite your filing you may upload or email the following documents to if you haven't already. 

Bill of Lading

This document is not required for ISF filing but recommended. It should be provided by the supplier and contains general shipment details. 


An essential document for any importation this document contains the required information for CBP to conduct the examination of merchandise, make a final determination of duties, and collect statics. 

ISF Data Sheet

This form contains information allowing CBP to conduct risk assessments on shipments before they arrive on US soil.  Information such as the entity responsible for stuffing the container & the AMS Bill #; essential for filing your ISF.  

Reasonable Care

Customs & Border Protection(CBP) requires an importer of record to use reasonable care to make entry by filing such information as is necessary to enable CBP to determine whether the merchandise may be released from CBP custody, and using reasonable care, complete the entry by submitting with CBP the declared value, classification and rate of duty and such other documentation or information as is necessary to enable CBP to properly assess duties, collect accurate statistics, and determine whether any other applicable requirement of law is met.