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Need to file an Importer Security Filing(ISF 10+2)($25.00) or a Customs Entry?

We can  Help!









Let us address some important FAQ

Why do you need this information? 

To put it simply we are required to have it by Federal Law before acting as your agent for ISF Filing & any transaction involving Customs Business. Any agent filing an ISF on your behalf will require the same information. 


Will you share my information ? 

No. Federal Law governing Customs Brokers (19 CFR 111.24) prevents us from doing so for all transactions involving Customs Business. Your Records are Confidential. 


What exactly will this information be used for? 

This information will be used to pre-fill a Power of Attorney Form that will be emailed to you for final approval and signature upon submission of which your account will be activated. This information will also be used to validate your identity and authority to act as grantor for the said power of attorney as part of the "reasonable care" required by U.S Customs & Border Protection.  


Still, have questions?  

Please visit our dedicated FAQ Page or reach out to us via our Contact Page or click the Chat with us! button below.

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