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Customs Bonds

If you are importing merchandise into the United States, (U.S.) valued over $2,500, or a commodity subject to other federal agencies' requirements (i.e. firearms or food), you must post a Customs bond. You have the option of obtaining a "single entry" or "continuous bond". The type of bond you elect to obtain ultimately depends on how often you import into the U.S. For instance, if you only import on occasion, the single entry bond is recommended. If you import frequently and through various ports of entry, the continuous bond is beneficial and economically the best choice

Stand Alon ISF Bond $70.00

Any ISF filling for a shipment worth over $2500 must be covered by a bond. The bond can either be a Continous Bond or a $10,000 Stand Along ISF Bond. If you do not have a continuous bond, you will need a separate ISF bond for each filing. If the ISF is late, our surety company will likely ask for a collateral of $5000 to secure the Stand Along ISF bond.

Sinlge Entry Bonds  $5 per $1000 of bond amount Min: $55.00

A Single Transaction Bond only covers the import of the goods for which it was specifically written, a single shipment.  The value of the bond required by CBP  is dependent on the value of the merchandise and taxes, duties & fees owed to CBP.  For general goods not subject to the regulations of other government agencies the single entry bond amount must be equal the total cost of the goods + the total amount of duties & fees owed. For products under the jurisdiction of other government agencies (FDA,EPA, NHTSA, etc) the single entry bond amount must be 3 times the value of the goods + customs duties & fees. Single Entry Bond's do are not applicable for ISF filings so a Stand Along ISF bond will be required for ISF Filing. 

To calculate the cost of your Single Entry Bond please use our handy 

Continious Bonds $350.00

Continuous Customs Bonds have a term of 1 year (365 days) and cover an unlimited amount of importations.  Continuous bonds have the added benefit of acting as ISF Filing bonds thus negating the need for ISF Stand Alone Bond for each shipment. The value of the Continuous Bond required by CBP is equal to 10% of duties, taxes, and fees paid for the prior 12 month period. For new importers and any importer paying less than $500,000 worth of duties & fees per year, the bond amount is $50,000. Our fees for Continous Bonds are $350.00. Any importer planning on importing over 2 times per year or importing a single shipment worth over $56,000 dollars of general goods or $19,000 of goods regulated by other government agencies will be saving money by choosing a Continuous Bond over a Single Entry+ISF Bond. 

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