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ISF 10+2 Filing

ISF filing includes the review of submitted 10+2 data for general data format accuracy and transmission of data to CBP. Included are automated electronic confirmation of bill match and ISF filing confirmation email.

*Not included are Importer Registration & ISF Bond if required


ISF Stand Alone  Bond

Any ISF filing must be secured by a customs bond. In the case of new or infrequent importers, the most common and economical option is a single-use ISF Appendix D bond in the minimum amount required by CBP of $10,000 . This bond will only cover the ISF filing and a separate single-entry bond would be required for entry.  If you foresee having more than 3 import operations per year we highly recommend the continuous yearly bond that would negate the need for a stand-alone ISF bond.


Continuous Yearly Bond 

A continuous yearly bond in the amount of $50,000 will serve as surety bond as required by CBP for any ISF Fillings and entries for a period of 1 year. This option is best for any importers with 3 or more operations per year.  


Customs Cleareance

Customs Cargo Release and Entry Summary are the most critical steps in any import operation. This fee covers the submission of required documentation for the release and entry of your merchandise into U.S. Commerce. This fee includes 1 invoice for 1 commodity, additional invoices will incur an additional fee of $10.00 and additional commodities will have a fee of $3.00. An additional fee of $30.00 will apply for any entry involving other government agencies such as FDA,EPA,FCC etc. 


New Importer Registration

Each business that submits an entry or ISF to CBP must first register his importer ID, typically the IRS#/EIN#, with CBP on CBP Form 5106. This identification number will be used to identify the importer for all customs transactions. 




Need guidance? Schedule a meeting via Phone, Skype, with one of our Licensed U.S customs brokers. While not necessary, getting an in-depth review of you import operation and commodity requirements before initiating the importation process and while sourcing goods can help mitigate possible issues with your importation. We also provide transportation consulting, supply chain design and sourcing support. 

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